Take a moment to consider who you believe yourself to be and what defines you in the world. Just like a leaf blows in the wind, our sense of self can be defined by the circumstances that surround us. This can make it very difficult to feel whole in times of difficulty. The holidays for … Read more


Did you know that by the time your Mammogram locates cancer, it has been growing in your body for at about 8 years? Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness month. Throughout the month there was much talk about the need for self-breast exams and Mammograms. Unfortunately I heard nothing about breast tissue health. Did you … Read more

Free-Ready for a paradigm shift on how you process trauma/emotions/life?

You are Invited to attend our Free Lecture on using the energies of somatic pain, trauma and life challenge as fuel to reconnect us to our wholeness. So if our life challenges, at their most basic level is energy and sensations/thoughts in our body/mind, how do we transform those energies and sensations into wisdom and … Read more


At pivotal points in our lives, it can feel like everything is falling apart, as if the sky itself is falling down. In these times, it is normal to feel alone, unloved and abandoned by God. We believe we must have done something terribly wrong to deserve this treatment. I reassure you, you have done … Read more

How To Know What Works Best: 5 Key Elements of Any Successful Training/Self Mastery Program

Everyone committed to creating joy, peace and harmony within must ask this question: how do I know what works best? Unfortunately, no single program can be right for every person. So what do we look for? What 5 key elements are needed for success in the approach you choose? We all are so lucky to have … Read more

It’s OK to Say It: The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Just like yellow and blue make green when they are mixed together, whenever we place our mind into the body we are doing energy work. Yet, as body-centered licensed psychotherapists, we might be reluctant to call this duck a duck (even if it walks like a duck). Unfortunately, this will only prevent us from receiving … Read more

A Journey to Certification in Mind Energy Body Transformation

A special guest blog by Nancy Battilega LPC, HTCP, Me-B Guide, and Franny Harcey HTCP, Me-B Guide Have you ever wondered how to regulate your own energy field? Wondered how to access the physical body and find deeper wisdom? Wondered how the mind can help us with challenges or with gifts? In Me-B Transformation training, … Read more

Is Meditation Energy Work?

Our mind is a powerful energetic tool. Regardless of the method or orientation of our meditation practices, all forms of meditation have a direct influence on our energy system. Isn’t it time we learn to assess the impact? Joan, a new client and long-time meditator came into my office complaining of anxiety and sleep issues. … Read more

Why we don’t heal and how we can!

WHY PEOPLE DON’T HEAL AND HOW WE CAN Volume IV of Transformation’s Newsletter I have traveled the world studying and learning and doing my best to give back. Each system I learned had valuable components and life skills but none felt complete and comprehensive so I began to look for the Missing Piece not only … Read more

Making Miracles Common Place Events

The universe has our back and supports us unconditionally. How do we learn to balance our mind, energy and body (Me-B) systems so we are able to receive its support? As we are more able to live from our Core Being (true self), life becomes synchronistic and magical. Everyone can master these skills because they … Read more