So The Universe
Has Your Back!

Comprehensive Online Course for
Mind, Energy, Body & Trauma Transformation

Foster Emotional Intelligence &
Transform Emotional Pain To Power

For Lifelong
Spiritual Awakening!

Healing Mind & Body
through the Human Energy Field

Integrating mind, vibrational energy and body – begins September 2020
"I decided to take the training, because I wanted something more for myself and for my clients. I had been working under the assumption for years, both professionally and personally, that just being aware of and processing trauma and life struggles on a cognitive and body level was synonymous with healing. Me-B work introduced me to the concept of working through our pain and programmed personalities at a mind, energy, and body level and provided me with tools for transforming pain on all three levels to a deeper connection to wholeness and my own divine truth. During the training, I experienced profound shifts in all three systems and in my life. I have been able to assist myself and my clients at a level of healing I never thought possible. It has been a paradigm shift in my personal and professional life and has truly been the best thing I have ever done for myself and for my clients.”
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Amy Lynn