For Lifelong Spiritual Awakening!

COURSE DESCRIPTION: We are a society that loves the quick fix– a pill here, a spiritual retreat there, and a lot of Netflix in between. There is so much suffering in this world, and much of it stems from our desire to avoid or eradicate pain without addressing the underlying issues. But you are a unique note in the symphony of notes within the universe! You are not your pain! This spiritual awakening course sends self-love and healing energy to the wounded self. Learn to choose how you show up in painful moments. Feel the pain without becoming the pain. Hear what it’s trying to teach you, and apply the lesson in a meaningful and lasting way. Tap into your own innate capacity to heal, and create a life you truly love!

Beginner through Advanced Practitioner

– Tech needs: Desktop or Smartphone, PDF reader
– Prop needs: None
– Prereqs: None

– Self-paced format
– 7 lessons
– 50 minutes of on-demand video
– 50 percent off a private session with Carolyn ($80 value) almost the cost of the whole training!

$197 $97 For A Limited Time Only!

What You'll LEARN

  • Discover the actual steps for feeling emotional pain so that it doesn’t define your value.
  • Transend your ego sense of self through these powerful steps!
  • These steps will lead you to discover who you really are and not who you have been programmed to think you are!
  • Manifest a high vibrational reality from your higher self, rather than a low vibrational reality from your wounded self Feel the pain in your life without becoming that pain.
  • Anxiety, depression and insecurity heal through these powerful steps.
  • Insecure? Discover spiritual secure attachment and the map to freedom as you master these awakening steps.
  • Relationships challenges? These steps help you shift the energy blocks between you and that difficult love, family, friend or employer.
  • Wherever you go, there you are. You can’t run away but you can learn the practical steps to follow so you change your reality.
  • If meditation is difficult, these steps will make it easy!

COURSE Contents

Module 1: Introduction to the 5 Steps

Module 2: Step 1: Become aware of which “self” is defining your present reality.
Explore your physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, and energetic field to determine whether your defensive self, your wounded self, or your higher self is defining your present-moment.

Module 3: Step 2: Differentiate from the emotional pain.
Listen to your pain in a way that truly promotes healing! There is a path between avoiding difficult emotions and collapsing into them, and in this place, your emotions are both true and useful!

Module 4: Step 3: Name and claim your defenses, emotional pain, and negative beliefs in the body.
Extract the wisdom from the pain, get to the heart of any problem, and stop a negative pattern in its tracks, by first locating the pain in the physical body, and leaning into its emotions and thoughts.

Module 5: Step 4: Link your emotional pain to its source in the past.
Find insight, meaning, and lessons in the pain. Is it rooted in your childhood, ancestry, or a past life? How is the pain present and magnified for your benefit?

Module 6: Step 5: Transform emotional pain to power.
Heal the pain in the mind, energy and body systems by giving it the exact medicine (ex. love, safety) it is asking to receive from your higher self. Self-identify with your new sense of wholeness!

Module 7: Conclusion of the 5 Steps