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BE an Enlightened Observer: Overcome Your Brain’s Catch 22 Wiring: $14

Have you ever experienced a challenging situation when after you’d had time to calm down and review what happened, you could see clearly you could handled the situation differently and created a better outcome? Of course you have! Everyone has. It’s part of the human growing and learning experience. But what if you could observe (and gently guide) yourself to how to respond so that you stay connected to yourself, the other person and the highest possible outcome of the experience while you are IN the experience rather than after-the-fact? That is the role of your “Enlightened Observer.” Improve all your relationships with you discover how to overcome the react and defend “catch-22” of your brain’s wiring!

Assess & Balance the Central Channel: Reconnect to Your Power: $14

Your energetic “Central Channel” is the key to you experiencing your empowered and authentic self. When you are able to become aware of the state of your Central Channel and have the simple practices to help your Central Channel remain balanced, you can experience life from a more centered, grounded and yes, powerful way.

Assess & Balance the Auric Field: Levels 1 – 4: $14

Assessing and balancing your Auric Field should be as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth or taking a bath! And it can be when you have the simple steps outlined in this power-house of a mini-training! The state of your auric field creates the “energetic signal” that you are putting out into the world. Whatever you are feeling, it is revealing… and creating in your experience! If you are out of balance, then your life can become “out of balance” too. Discover the essentials to assessing and balancing the first four levels of your Auric Field in this mini-training.

Anchoring Positive Energies in Your Body: The Connecting Sequence: $14

Ever wish you could “hold” onto that really great feeling? One that gives you the strength rise above circumstances and see anew the challenges that we all face as humans. I’m not talking glossing over the tough stuff with “positive thinking,” I’m talking about anchoring into your body energetic frequencies that allow for real transformation. Well… now you can with this mini-training! You can program in grounding for a sense of security – that wonderfully solid, “I am taken care of feeling.” You can anchor in a connection to your wholeness when you are feeling “less than,” or of self-love because who doesn’t need more self-love! Pick whatever feeling or sense of you that you want to anchor and make it so with the tools in this program.

Core Being & Spiritual Wholeness Connection Meditation: $14

These powerful energy and consciousness exercises can help you reclaim the deeper truth of your wholeness and connect to your essence. Through them you’ll enjoy the deep bliss of “remembering” (at a soul level) experiences such as your spiritual home, existential safety, true joy and bliss and unconditional Love because they can all be found within. And as you consistently practice these exercises…this inner experience can spread outward through you to fill your world!

The Human Energy Field: Working with Its Chakras, Levels and Dimensions: $14

As you incarnate into human form, leaving the bliss of the higher energy of wholeness and comfort, you travel through 4-energy dimension. Each one is more dense, heavy and potentially holds more pain. Yet each one also has the ability to shift so you get the joy, relationship, career and the life you most desire! Come travel through these realities and learn more about how to create your highest good!

Your Chakras: Learn How to Spin and Balance Your Primary Energy Centers: $14

Your Chakras are energy vortexes that draw specific frequencies of energy into your physical and energic body. This energy is then circulated promoting both physical health and emotional balance. However, if your chakras are out of balance….your body and you life can also get out of balance manifesting in a wide variety of ways. In this virtual mini-training you’ll learn how to connect with and “read” your chakras as well as how to spin and balance them to help overcome challenges and deliver their gifts!

How to Implement Spiritual Law: Your Current Sense of Self Creates Your Reality: $14

Learn how to implement the Universal Spiritual Energy Law so you can begin to create aligned with your highest good! When you are resonating at your wounded, triggered self, you can create a reality that mirrors that vibrational frequency – relationships become battle grounds, problems, challenges and negative experiences are “normal” for you, and your sense of self is that of the victim as you wonder why life has to be so hard. Yet, as you become aware of and connected to the brilliance of your inner “Core Being” and you begin to relate to life from that Wholeness, you can create a reality that resonates at that higher frequency! You can shift from a sense of life happening TO you (disempowered victim) to one of life happening THROUGH you (empowered Core Being). Discover how to shift into power with this training.

Discover and Connect with Your Radical Intuition!: $29

In this more advanced training you can discover “your way in” to sensing and tracking energy and consciousness. You will be guided through the chakra system to uncover the mystery of how they help you track and sense energy. You can also learn how to expand and connect to your own “radical” intuition and begin to read your own others Akashi Records.

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