Carolyn Bucey Eberle

FOUNDER Licensed Counselor, Author & Spiritual Teacher

A clairvoyant and survivor of childhood trauma, I traveled the world researching best practices. I am honored to present you with a holistic (mind, body, spirit, and vibrational energy) consciousness method that heals your human and embodies your bigger essence (Core Being). As this happens your innate wisdom and intuitive abilities awaken. If you are on this page, you must be ready to claim deeper, integrative, awakening skills!

"You have gifted me freedom and peace I never knew could live in me and be mine. I am feeling so grateful for you and all the work you have done to create your Mind Energy Body School of Transformation curriculum."

My greatest passion is helping you
connect to your CORE BEING

As you learn to self-identify as your true essence, it empowers you to heal your beloved human parts that hold you back in life! I offer deeply nurturing private sessions for couples and individuals. Whether you are healing from divorce, trauma, chronic illness, depression, anxiety or, you simply want to create a better life – you will receive honest, loving support. As the therapists’ therapist, I also support practitioners’ transformation and up-leveling of skills!

How you FEEL determines
IF you HEAL!

I am founder of the highly regarded Carolyn Bucey Eberle School of Transformation which offers empowering online courses, trauma coaching certification, and in-person courses. I developed the ability to lean into emotional pain in a manner that it transforms the brain, body and vibrational energy systems. I now help others gain these same superpower self-mastery abilities.

Spiritually Awakening Coach - Integrative Trauma Healing

I am often asked, “How do I LOVE MYSELF”
and can I help others do the same?

Are you a professional healer, or in the helping profession? Maybe you are wanting a career change, or to embark upon an awakening journey. Come learn the self-mastery gifts of energy healers, somatic trauma practitioners, meditators, and psychotherapists combined! Courses are trauma informed and evidence based: Neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Patterns-Somatic Trauma-Energetic Interventions.

Becoming Spiritually Awakened - Energy Healing Classes Therapy

LIFE happens
FOR YOU not to you!

If you are still reading, thank you! Discovering the power to transform negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions is simply life-changing; for emotional pain can become the energetic vehicle to incarnate your Core Being into physical form! You can sign up right now to start my free transformational training. You don’t have to wait, begin now!

Spirituality the Awakening Self – Spiritually Awakening Coach – Integrative Trauma Healing


Transformational Training
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Sending LOVE and BLESSINGS your way.
I hope to meet you SOON!

I am the author of Explorer’s Mind – A Map to Freedom. Learn the next evolution of therapy and trauma work in this integrated holistic mind, energy, body, spirit workbook so you prevent re-wounding of clients and self. Learn to transform pain to power! It bridges the worlds of energy healers, spiritual awakening, body-centered trauma practitioners and neurobiology into one profound system of change. Come visit our shop and read the first chapter of this book (which is also the workbook for my transformational coaching certification).
Come visit our shop and read the first chapter of this book (which is also the workbook for my transformational coaching certification).

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