Foster Emotional Intelligence & Transform Emotional Pain To Power

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Many mindfulness and spiritual awakening programs tell you to detach from your negative emotions and master equanimity during stressful moments. However, they rarely tell you exactly how to achieve that goal. This is what frustrated me to the point I felt like I was running around in circles. It even made me hate meditating. Since I am a problem solver, I decided to discover what are the steps and skills I needed to master so that my emotional pain and life hardship didn’t make me suffer. As a result I created an awakening map to freedom and self-mastery. It includes 5 spiritual laws, steps and skills so the energy of your false self, emotional pain, trauma and negative habitual patterns transform to wisdom, positive creation and a deep anchor into your true self. In this course, you learn the 5 Skills that rewire your brain, body and energy system to higher consciousness.

Beginner through Advanced Practitioner

– Tech needs: Desktop or Smartphone, PDF reader
– Prop needs: None
– Prereqs: None

– Self-paced format
– 7 lessons
– 1 hour of on-demand video
– 50 percent off a private session with Carolyn ($80 value) almost the cost of the whole training!

$197 $97 For A Limited Time Only!

What You'll LEARN

  • Manifest the ground breaking skills to vibrate your mind and body to higher consciousness.
  • How you feel, determines if you heal! Get the skills so feeling empowers you instead of reinforces negative thoughts, judgements and emotions.
  • Create a high vibrational reality from your higher self, rather than a low vibrational reality from your wounded self.
  • Discover the 5 superpower skills that enable you to actually transform anger to personal agency, fear to courage and sadness to calm and joy.
  • Pull unhelpful patterns up by the root, so they don’t repeat indefinitely.
  • Extract the wisdom from your painful experiences.
  • Embody your higher self, and be the expert on your own life.

COURSE Contents

Module 1: Introduction to the 5 Skills

Module 2: Skill 1: Explorer’s Mind
Inner detective that is curious, in an adventurous manner, about what is here now 

Module 3: Skill 2: Intention Line
Power of positive intention to notice, from the powerful place of wisdom and differentiation, the wounding within you that is creating the emotional pain holding you back. You will also discover where it is located in your chakra system and in your physical body.

Module 4: Skill 3: Choice Point
Choose to feel within the body/energy system the false self and crippling emotional barriers in your way so that they dissolve and can be used to help you embody more of your true self.

Module 5: Skill 4: Enlightened Observer 
Cultivating secure attachment through learning to self-identify as your Core Being (spiritual wholeness) and developing the crucial skill-set of self-love and support for your imperfect human parts.

Module 6: Skill 5: Core Being
Re-connection to your true essence or higher self and development of individuation from your emotional challenge including differentiating from your false self.

Module 7: More practice, integration and deepening of the 5 Skills