So You Can Let The Universe Have Your Back!

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Do you ever wonder why you feel stuck; unable to find your true love; confused about which direction to turn; plagued by financial stress; overwhelmed with chronic health issues or disease; or unable to find the wisdom and support you need to move forward? Here is the honest truth: You feel like this because you don’t know how to receive all the abundance and gifts the Universe has waiting for you!

Learn to implement the 5 Spiritual Laws – you will experience more ease, effortlessness, and personal alignment in your life. These powerful universal laws can shift shame, bitterness, resentment, and victim consciousness and transform them into wisdom, power, and alignment for positive manifestation.

Beginner through Advanced Practitioner

– Tech needs: Desktop or Phone, PDF reader
– Prop needs: None
– Prereqs: None

– Self-paced format
– 7 lessons
– 1 hour of on-demand video
– 50 percent off a private session with Carolyn ($80 value) almost the cost of the whole training!

$197 $97 For A Limited Time Only!

What You'll LEARN

  • Manifest a high vibrational reality from your higher self, rather than a low vibrational reality from your wounded self
  • Feel the pain in your life without becoming that pain
  • Pull unhelpful patterns up by the root, so they don’t repeat indefinitely
  • Extract the wisdom from your painful experiences
  • Embody your “Core Being,” and be the expert on your own life

COURSE Contents

Module 1: Introduction to the 5 Spiritual Laws

Module 2: Spiritual Law 1: Your Sense of Self Creates Your Reality
Discover the “part” within you that creates your positive reality, and the part that prevents you from getting the career, health, abundance and relationship you want.

Module 3: Spiritual Law 2: Your Pain is Just Energy, Not a Litmus Test of Your Value
Learn the life-changing skills of detachment, differentiation and individualization, so emotional pain transforms into power and wholeness. These skills will help you move forward when life gets hard.

Module 4: Spiritual Law 3: Unwanted Patterns Repeat if You Don’t Identify Their Roots
Rewire your unhealthy patterns so real change is possible, your hard work pays off, and life is easier and more satisfying.

Module 5: Spiritual Law 4: Life Happens for You, Not to You
Connect to any difficulty and discover why it showed up for you. Embody quantum skills to turn misfortune into abundance.

Module 6: Spiritual Law 5: You Have a Core Being, a Bigger Essence, That is Your True Self
Cultivate deep trust in your Core Being. Claim authority over your own life, rather than letting others define your value.

Module 7: Conclusion of the 5 Spiritual Laws