Healing Mind & Body through the Human Energy Field

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Long-term change is about transformation and spiritual awakening, not just treatment. Learn this more effective paradigm of energy healing, where you use subtle energy and hands-on touch skills to awaken the high vibration of spiritual wholeness, health, wisdom and the power of conscious manifestation.

If you have been trained in Reiki, Brennan Healing Science, Healing Touch or any other hands-on energy modality – your training is NOT complete without learning these trauma- and somatic psychotherapy-informed skills.

If you are just starting out as a beginner, then start out “right” with the most advanced, up-to-date, and scientific modality. Don’t waste your time with older techniques that have less impact, and sometimes even cause harm.

Move beyond treatment and into an integrated transformation protocol where everything becomes possible! Advance your skills in an integrative mind, energy, body, spirit approach that goes deeper and lasts longer!

Beginner through Advanced Practitioner

– Tech needs: Desktop or Smartphone, PDF reader, Printer (optional)
– Prop needs: Massage table (optional)
– Prereqs: None

– Self-paced format
– 17 lessons
– Over 4.5 hours of on-demand video
– 6 Ebooks
– 3 Hands-on interventions
– 50 percent off a private session with Carolyn ($80 value)!

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What You'll LEARN

  • How to reconnect the energy field, mind, brain, emotions, and body to encourage truly integrative healing
  • How to channel Core Being (divine feminine), Intention Line (divine masculine), and Enlightened Observer (Source) frequencies
  • How to cleanse chakras and auras of Low Vibrational Consciousness
  • How to discover and strengthen your innate forms of intuition
  • 3 fundamental, hands-on techniques, including a basic energy field balancing sequence, a Core Being intervention, and a Core Distortion/Trauma intervention
  • Advanced skills for working with trauma and chronic illness without re-wounding yourself or your clients

COURSE Contents

Module 1 – Introduction to a New Energy Paradigm

Module 2 – The Energy of Spiritual Awakening
Set your energetic template for success and manifestation throughout this course. See how energy, composed of Low Vibrational Consciousness (LVC) and High Vibrational Consciousness (HVC), is an essential component of any healing journey.

Module 3 – The “Core Being”/Higher Self Dimension
Journey through the soul’s incarnation process. Reconnect to your Core Being and its divine feminine energy! Allow it to support your highest healing intentions.

Module 4 – Awakening the Energetic Field through the Body
Build awareness of your energetic body by tuning into your physical body. Practice grounding exercises to help you stay centered when exploring higher frequencies, like the chakra dimension.

Module 5 – Deepening into Body-Based Connection
Learn the “Body Connecting Sequence,” a physical and energetic body scan that programs positive sensations into the physical dimension, helps us assess and balance the energy field, and so much more!

Module 6 – Summary of the Energetic Dimensions
Explore what’s to come: chakras, auras, intention/manifestation, and Source. Lay the groundwork by learning to assess and balance your Central Channel.

Module 7 – The Chakra Dimension
Evaluate the health of the body’s seven major energy centers, and learn to use this information as an assessment tool regarding physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual health.

Module 8 – The Auric Dimension
Locate the first four levels of the human energy field, assessing them for over- and undercharge, trauma, and other interferences that impact wellbeing.

Module 9 – The Intention and Manifestation Dimension
Master the masculine energy of the Intention Line, which is central both for manifestation and for feeling pain without becoming the pain!

Module 10 – The Mind-Brain Connection
Learn how quantum reality, Low Vibrational Consciousness (LVC), and High Vibrational Consciousness (HVC) impact the relationship between the brain and the mind. Consider the healing process in terms of energetic defense, emotional pain, and Higher Self. 

Module 11 – The Enlightened Observer/Divine Dimension
Feel the frequency and loving perspective of Source on a cellular level, allowing it to help you understand the lessons and gifts in painful experiences.

Module 12 – Sensing and Tracking Energy to Develop Radical Intuition
Find the forms of intuition that are innate to who you are, and help them grow!

Module 13 – Increasing Your “Biological Consciousness Container”
Examine the global health of your human– things like diet, exercise, sleep, connection to the planet– and set goals to increase the size of your Biological Consciousness Container, so you can hold/channel high vibrational frequencies and access the depths of your intuition without feeling drained.

Module 14 – Technique: Hands-On Healing Interventions to  Awaken Wholeness
Balance a client’s energy field using the Core Being meditation from module 3, in conjunction with a step-by-step sequence of basic hand positions. Locate the client’s ego defenses, emotional pain, and negative beliefs and use a “Core Distortion” Intervention to help the client return to Core Being.

Module 15 – Technique: “Core Distortion” Interventions to Heal Wounds and Trauma
Prevent re-wounding in yourself and your client by clearly assessing when you’re both fully resourced for deeper trauma work. Once you’re ready, this intervention can help a client heal their deepest wounds.

Module 16 – Technique: Advanced Practices to Avoid Re-wounding 
Maximize the safety and efficacy of your healing interventions by diving into the nuance of subtle energy healing. Additional tips for working with trauma, as well as guidelines for working with chronic illnesses (such as auto-immune diseases and cancer) are also provided.

Module 17 – Conclusion of a New Energy Paradigm