THE SECRET CODE (5 steps, skills, spiritual laws)

Comprehensive Online Course for Mind, Energy, Body & Trauma Transformation

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Bring your mind, energy field, spirit, and body back into alignment. The Secret Code is Carolyn’s most comprehensive online course. Using a self-paced format, master the 3 Rings of Healing that teaches you to shape shift your reality. And as part of that process, you learn 5 Spiritual Laws, Steps, and Skills for energy transformation where emotional pain transforms to personal power. To achieve this amazing goal, you also learn how to balance your chakras and aura! And, all this can be done from the comfort of your own home. And most importantly, you will learn about self-love! This is when you truly discover how to self-identify as your bigger essence and be kind to your beloved human. With this skill anxiety, depression and stress melt away. Come learn how to manifest the life you truly love! 

Beginner through Advanced Practitioner

– Tech needs: Desktop or Phone, PDF reader
– Prop needs: None
– Prereqs: None

– Self-paced format (6 months recommended)
– 14 lessons
– 7.5 hours of on-demand video
– 2 downloadable PDFs
– Certificate of Completion
– 50 percent off a private session with Carolyn ($80 value) almost the cost of the whole training!

$997 $397 For A Limited Time Only!

What You'll LEARN

  • Integrate neuroscience, quantum physics, Polyvagal Theory & Attachment Theory
  • Assess & balance the Human Energy Field, including chakras & auras
  • Reconnect to higher self, cultivating positive intention for manifestation and healing
  • Foster intuition, creativity & authentic expression
  • Enhance relationships, love & sex
  • Promote self-care, relaxation & sleep
  • Transform fear to courage, sadness to joy & anger to empowerment
  • Heal & prevent trauma/re-wounding through somatic (body) interventions
  • Manifest financial security & the dream job
  • Support a body with chronic illness/pain

Courses Included in This COMPREHENSIVE Bundle

3 Rings of Healing – 5 Spiritual Laws – 5 Steps – 5 Skills 

COURSE Contents

Module 1: Awaken the Quantum Reality’s Endless Potential
You’ll learn how to transform stress and negativity into a new reality of abundance, spiritual wholeness and positive creation. The science behind this work is discussed as well as the root causes of stress and overwhelm.

Module 2: Who Am I Really? Anchor into Your Core Being
In this module, you’ll begin to discover your true self (Core Being). As you discover who you really are, you then can discover your true life’s path and discover where you are going. It will help you overcome the stuck lost feelings that can hold you back in life!

Module 3: 
The Map to Return to Wholeness in the Mind, Energy and Body Systems – Energy Mindfulness Exercises 
Discover how to awaken and expand your subtle energy gifts, how to see and sense energy, and how to enter higher dimensions of energetic wholeness – so you embody your quantum gifts and dissolve the blocks standing in your way.

Module 4: How to Let the Universe Have Your Back!
No one should ever feel alone, unloved or unlovable. Yet, sometimes does it feel as if someone has it out for you? That the deck is stacked against you? In this module, you’ll discover how the Universe/Source/Spirit (use the word that works best for you) really does support you!

Module 5: Develop the Higher Mind of an Inner Detective Who Discovers the Answer
Do you ever feel stuck, stressed or overwhelmed? Ever wonder how to make the hurt stop? This module helps you see the causes and solutions to your deepest fears, problems and concerns. Get the skills needed to move forward in your life so you don’t get stuck or start moving backwards.

Module 6: Emotional Pain Is Simply Energy – Not an Assessment of Your Inner Value!
Are you ready to awaken to a deeper truth of wholeness and positive creation? In this module, you will learn practical tips for anchoring into your higher self and to creating a better life. You learn the life-changing skills of detachment, differentiation and individualization to help you find your inner power when life gets hard.

Module 7: The Science of Healthy and Safe Connection!
Do you let your mistakes and negative feelings define you? Too often when someone feels overwhelmed by anxiety, it is because the ego sense of self is not feeling safe. You can learn to create safety and trust within so you can have your own back! This is what is called cultivating secure attachment.

Module 8: 
Heal your Inner Saboteur – Rewire the Brain and Body Systems That Hold You Back
Why is change so difficult? Why does it seem you work so hard, but the payoff doesn’t come? This module supports you to rewire your unhealthy, habituated patterns – so life becomes easier and effortless.

Module 9: Name, Own, and Claim the Emotional Pain That Is Asking for Transformation
Discover how to avoid “spiritual junk food,” (spiritual bypass) so you don’t deny what needs more love, support and transformation. Uncover the missing piece about how to feel negative emotions without being re-wounded or re-traumatized.

Module 10: Follow Your “Choice Points” to Put Your Life Back On Course
Did you know that if a ship sails only a few feet off course (and that course is not corrected) that ship will eventually be miles off course? Do you ever feel as if your life is off course, but you don’t know how to redirect it and get back on the right track? In this module, you will identify what emotional pain or internal challenge needs to be transformed, so you find your way again. Discover how “Choice Points” can bring you back on course and reconnect you with your highest, best path.

Module 11: Great Gifts Can Come From Misfortune
Learn how to connect to any difficulty and discover why it showed up for you – not to you. In this module, you will learn to embody the quantum skills you can use to turn misfortune into gold!

Module 12: Create Healthily Relationships with Yourself and Others
As an infant and young child, did you always experience healthy bonding with your parents or caretakers? If not, it can create challenges in your adult relationships. Unhealthy forms of bonding and love as a child can cause you to repeat those same negative patterns with your intimate partners, bosses, friends and family. Learn to undo negative relationship patterns and create the healthy relationships and community you deserve.

Module 13: Self-Mastery, Wisdom and Positive Manifestation
One of the most important life skills you can master is learning to be your own authority in life, so you don’t let others define your value. In this module, you will receive extensive support to come into the true personal power of your own authority – so when your ego starts pushing out that negative self-talk, you can transform it and reconnect to your Core Being.

Module 14: Master Self-Love
In this module, you learn how to truly become the “Light in the Darkness” of life’s stresses and overwhelm. You will learn to embody the life-changing skills of self-love and transformation so you create the life you wish to live!