Why we don’t heal and how we can!

Volume IV of Transformation’s Newsletter

I have traveled the world studying and learning and doing my best to give back. Each system I learned had valuable components and life skills but none felt complete and comprehensive so I began to look for the Missing Piece not only to help others but to also help myself. The Missing Piece I found has to do with the reason why people stay stuck and don’t heal. As a healer and psychotherapist, I began to notice three reasons that were common as to why people get stuck in the same negative life challenges. I then developed the Science of Mind Energy Body (Me-B) Transformation to address these issues.

REASON (1) Merging and Over-identifying with the Pain

Any time we merge and over-identify with any pain, illness, trauma and difficult emotion we can get stuck. For long-term positive change and healing to happen it is vital we become connected to the deeper truth of our wholeness. So, not merging and learning to NOT over-identify with the pain/difficulty or distortion within us is an important skill to learn. This is a cornerstone of Me-B Transformation.

It is vital all of us learn to let the negative energy of overwhelm, illness and false sense of self wash away just as we know to let the dirt wash off our hands when we clean them. In this way trauma, anger, fear and sadness don’t have to block our path. Also, learning to tune into the difficulty to uncover any gifts of wisdom or lessons is important as well. In Me-B Transformation we call it using our Explorer’s Mind-the internal detective to solve life’s mysteries.

REASON (2) Contrary Intentions

Negative intention toward healing and self-mastery is the second reason people don’t heal. I find there is a part of us that might want someone else or something else to come to our rescue. Maybe this is why the lottery is so popular!

Another aspect of negative intention is when we might subconsciously want to stay in the pain and darkness. The saying, “the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know” is an example of this. It can feel safer to stay in the pain than to leave it and move into the unknown. In fact, we become programmed to stay in the same patterns by our brain, body and energy system. This is why it takes relentless, strong and focused intention to reprogram ourselves.

Solution Discussion:
In Me-B Transformation we learn to align our intentions energetically and in our mind and body. Magnetic energy is a useful tool in this process. Just as a magnet attaches to metal, we can attract to us our deepest intentions. Learn to notice when your positive intention is not enough to help you move to the next step. In newsletters and in our trainings and workshops we talk more about the solution to this challenge. For now, just notice where your intention to succeed needs to be stronger.

REASON (3) Lack of Awareness At Subtle Enough Level

The final reason we can stay stuck is lack of self-awareness at a subtle enough level to change. Too many of our problems cannot be solved through cognitive reasoning alone. Many of our negative patterns are held at such a subtle level in the body and energy system that it can be hard to find the distortions and heal.

For instance, trauma wires our brain to repeat its negative patterns. It is a physiological programming that happens in both the body and brain. Because it gets so deeply wired within us, it is rarely solved only through talk therapy. Therefore, it is vital we learn to tap into the body and energy system and reveal the subconscious core distortions and negative neurological programming held there.
Studies document that it is the unknown that has the most power over us. Arguably, our subconscious is 99.9 percent of total awareness. Or, we are only 0.1 percent aware. Because the subconscious can conspire against us, it can be a reason we get stuck.

Solution Discussion:
As we learn to use subtle energy awareness to reveal what is hidden in our subconscious, we can discover the parts of us that need support and the parts of us that can support us. This reveals the subconscious negative patterns that keep us from moving forward. Information (awareness) is power that leads us to heal and transform. Every newsletter (and our workshops/trainings) will lead you closer to this idea. Also see a graduate of Me-B Transformation to help you see what might be getting in your way.

The Art and Science of Me-B Transformation helps us received the gifts that difficulty was meant to deliver. Wisdom and self-awareness can sometimes only be born from hardship. The Buddha once said that life is suffering. I think what he meant was that life has suffering and pain in it. This cannot change and will not change. But, we can learn to not be the suffering and we can look for the gift.

Just as a diamond needs polishing before it shines, we need to remember our shine. So as we move through the challenges before us but not merge with the pain and negative identification, we learn to use the energy of pain, illness, depression and difficulty as a raw material that will reconnect us to our wholeness and light. Just as splitting an atom creates a burst of energy, I find if we have (1) aligned intention, (2) our mind has a high enough vibrational frequency as we connect to the center of the painful emotions in our body and, (3) we don’t merge with the difficulty but bring light into it, a burst of energy moves through us too. As a result, healing and wholeness happens. It takes practice, self-compassion and advanced mindfulness techniques to achieve this level of self-mastery. Get support and be patient with yourself along the way.

So, students of Me-B Transformation learn to transform the energy of their negative programmed personality – or -low vibrational consciousness (LVC) into the energy of High Vibrational Consciousness (HVC) or Core Being- which some call spirit, source, Jesus, true self, wholeness or god. So as we learn to invite and facilitate our deep connection and self-identification to our Core Being in all three mind-energy-body systems, we return to a state of high vibrational consciousness (HVC). From this state of high consciousness, even if negative life experiences happen, we can learn from them and move through them with greater wisdom and acceptance of the gifts they provide. Whereas when we are locked into the energy of LVC, we can feel trapped and stuck in the negative aspects of our ego and personality. Practice the following meditation to help facilitate our healing and raise our HVC.

3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus Meditation
Practice 10 min a day for 30 days

Step 1: Charge and Balance your field using any technique you are accustom to or use the following procedure. Pat down your body with both open hands beginning at the neck and shoulders-front and back. Then chest and upper back-mid chest/mid-back; lower back and lower abdomen; pelvis/sacrum; inner and outer thighs; and lastly the front and back of the lower legs. Pause to feel and breath in the sensations created from the charge of patting the body. Imagine the energy coming deep into the muscles and bones and the marrow. Now Imagine it balanced front/back; top/bottom and left/right.

Step 2: Place one hand on your solar plexus-front of 3rd chakra. This is where our ego and negative sense of self is located. Often this chakra gets blown out – like a flat tire from the stress of life, working too hard, and not having enough time or energy for self-care. Sense into this area and imagine what LVC might be held here. What is the negative belief or Core Distortion that might zap your energy. Simply use your imagination to self-assess what is the negative consciousness and thought patterns held here.

Step 3: We all go to the gas station to fill up our cars with fuel. But how many of us go to the energetic gas station to fill ourselves up with our centered oneness with the universe? If we all are one, then let us facilitate our connection to our wholeness and our oneness. Begin by lying on your back, face up- hold your hand like it is holding and cradling an energetic hollow tube or pipe that is 2 inches wide. Imagine the tube perpendicular to the solar plexus with one end in the center of the solar plexus and the other outward toward heaven as you remain in the prone position-face up. Using intention, imagine the energy of your higher connection to the wholeness and oneness of the universe coming through this open/hollow tube. Now begin to receive and fill yourself up from the cosmic gas station.

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