Webinar Replay Sound Healing and much more!

Martyn Church blessed us with his wisdom about sound healing, intention, and hearing the bowls change as they play on the body. He also shared a little about his experiences with the Apsáalooke (Crow) in Montana and how his lessons can help you.  Martyn is a certified sound healing practitioner from the Atma Buti® Sound … Read more

How Corona Can Bring You New Life-Changing Perspectives

Hello! Is there something brilliant about the fact we CANNOT succeed in stopping the virus unless each and every one of us sacrifices, works together and self-shelters? And, the sooner we all embrace the sacrifice, the quicker this will end? If so, this means that each and every one of us matters. And each and every one of us must … Read more

Feeling Ungrateful This Holiday?

6 Simple Steps to Refresh Your Gratitude Practice The holiday season is knocking on your door. Like last year, it’s brought a lot of unwelcome baggage– a suitcase full of family drama, another full of financial stressors, and that pesky carry-on called perfection that will ensure nothing meets your expectations for a solid two months. … Read more

USABP Presentation – Embody the True Self

Hello! Here is a sample of what I presented at the United States Association of Body Psychotherapists (USABP) conference yesterday. Although my conference presentation was more experiential, this sample will help you understand many of the concepts covered. I hope you enjoy it! It was an amazing experience and I was lucky enough to meet … Read more

What Are The 3 Sources and Solutions of Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year. (Anxiety and Depression Association of America)   When I worked toward my MA in Counseling, I was fortunate enough to have breakfast with some of my fellow students and … Read more