Clarifying 2020 Intentions: Applying the Lessons of 2019

This posting is about making the most of 2020 energies. You see, if you can understand the energetic template being offered this year, you can then ride its metaphorical jet stream in a manner so you can consciously manifest your best year! To help you with this, let’s first look at 2019 energies. This past year was a lot of hard work. The fruit of our labor was harvested. What do you think of your crop? What are you thankful for, and what intentions will you plant to ensure desired outcomes in 2020? Society remains in a time of intense, psychopathic energy– the “I’m right, you’re wrong energy,” where we seek to control the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of others, thereby ignoring any innate goodness they possess. This is the metaphorical dirt that has now been brought to the surface. And, now that it is out of the shadow, this coming year we can chose to heal and transform it.

You too can look at the chaos and painful challenges that you faced in 2019 as clues to the aspects within you that no longer serve you. In the work I teach, “awareness” is the first step. Follow the tips below to help you uncover those hidden gems that reveal your false self’s unsupported actions. Yes, I am asking you to reveal clearly to yourself, the ways you create a negative reality. And to do so, I encourage you to embrace the famous saying, “Amor Fati!” This means that you must embrace and love the difficulties you face for they will reveal what needs to change within you!

You see, as long as we are in this human form, there will be hidden unsupportive aspects of self that are wounded. In 2019, you received messages about those parts. Now, in 2020, you can have the full energetic support of the universe to turn that once hidden lead, into gold. If you truly lean in and embrace change, those negative patterns will feel like a launching pad toward successful manifestation. The great news is that the energies this year will take you deeper into your wholeness. Yet for this to happen, you must learn how to shift difficulty to wisdom and pain to wholeness. What is the key to this process? Check out the tips below to help:

Write down the strongest negative pattern that held you back in 2019.

For instance, last year, my life lesson was to discover the hidden parts within myself that were more comfortable helping others instead of supporting myself. And, as I had the strength to notice these shadow parts that didn’t feel safe when I put myself first, I could then realigned to let my needs take a higher priority. I could let my stomach relax and my heart open as the energy of my better self melted its way deeply within my mind and body. I began to understand at a visceral level that the power of my need to help was very dis-empowering both for me as well as the other person!

Yet, when I didn’t have the strength to set the strong clear boundary within myself, quick enough, the universe responded with dramatic, consistent, and swift negative results. What an immediate and amazing teacher life can be as you look for the wisdom in the painful life lessons. As I open to receive the lessons and not let my ego take charge, I become filled with gratitude and awakening. Thankfully, as I do this, I now am so much more prepared to receive the benefits of this year’s energies! So the first step you can take in 2020 is to write down an old negative pattern that creates a distorted reality for you. When you write it down, be as specific as possible.

How you dealt with mistakes can foster wisdom or additional hardship.

One early Sunday morning, I drove way too fast, only to see flashing lights in the rear view mirror. I knew I was about 20 miles per hour over the limit, yet I didn’t collapse and make myself the bad one as I might have done in the past. Instead, I aligned into my wholeness. I didn’t want to manifest a huge financial penalty.

When the officer came to the window, I surrendered to my highest good, yet kindly apologized from a sense of strength and wholeness. When he returned to the window, instead of a ticket, the officer asked me if I wanted the gift of avoiding a $150 fine!

I was happy to receive this gift and the lesson it brought to me.  I experienced the truth that even when I have made a mistake, I don’t need to beat myself up.

To implement Tip Two, write down the answers to the following questions.

  1. How do you usually respond to mistakes? Do you send yourself kindness and love? This is when you need it the most.  Or do you deny the mistakes and try to bury them?  Or maybe you beat up on yourself?
  2. How can you align this year to discover a healthier, wiser and more compassionate response to your mistakes? Remember, mistakes are lessons pointing you toward reclaiming your wholeness. If you don’t awaken from your mistakes, you also don’t awaken more of your wholeness!

List your “wins” from last year.

I have found that energetically, what you focus on grows. So if you don’t look at your successes, and only think about what went wrong, you might run out of internal power to create more success in the new year. For instance, last year I did the impossible for me.  Something that I didn’t have the skill-set to accomplish but did! I developed the computer and marketing literacy to make available amazing online classes to the world. List your successes. Then one by one do a meditation where you take the time to feel them as an emotion and sensation in the body. If you can’t actually feel the joy of the success in your body, then at least visualize the success to own the benefit you received from it.


What are your strong positive qualities that supported you in 2019? Outline how they helped you succeed.

When you live from your bigger wholeness, you become more able to foster success in your life.  Knowing your true self (what I call your Core Being), is a lifelong adventure.  This is because there is always more light, wisdom, wholeness and power you can receive.  Each year presents an opportunity for you to claim more of your Core Being. Implementing Tip Four is essential to your awakening process yet it might feel difficult in the beginning. This is because we become so programmed to look at what is wrong with us – that we find it hard to own our gifts. To help you begin the process of owning your positive qualities, here is a brief list:

Creative, Kind, Compassionate, Forgiving, Courageous, Resilient, Intelligent, Driven, Strong, Truthful, Wise, Sincere, Athletic, Musical!


List your “failures” – outline the areas that you would like to “do better” this year.  Be specific and make sure you list them with love and kindness in your heart. 

Another energy rule is if you try to deny or bury something because it is too painful to look at, it will come back to haunt you. And, it will come back with more force than if you had acknowledged it sooner. Write down what you need to acknowledge so you can learn from it. In the free training I will help you benefit from this often difficult acknowledgement.

Write down your defensive, reactive, negative qualities that showed up last year and summarize how they contributed to your failures.

There is a direct correlation between your actions and your outcomes.  As you become aware of what internal false-sense-of-self qualities that hold you back, you become more empowered to change them!

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