How Corona Can Bring You New Life-Changing Perspectives


Is there something brilliant about the fact we CANNOT succeed in stopping the virus unless each and every one of us sacrifices, works together and self-shelters?

And, the sooner we all embrace the sacrifice, the quicker this will end? If so, this means that each and every one of us matters. And each and every one of us must participate for the betterment of the whole!

And, is it also powerful that this is a worldwide unifying opportunity for us? That we can use Corona to forget our differences, religions, race, orientation, language, country identification, politics…and that there is the chance to discover our common thread? Yes, we can understand our common humanity and only by working together – throughout the world – will we overcome this threat to lifestyle, financial stability, and health.

For instance, China is back-up and running. They proved, if we are going to move through this crisis in just a few months, all of us must self-shelter. All of us matter. Not only in the United States, but for the first time we have this unifying event to bring the world together.

The word corona means halo. When I googled the definition of halo…it came up “circle of light”.

So is it brilliant that Cornona makes each and every one of us matter? Can we find the wisdom to get a bigger lesson from all of this? If so, what are the lessons you gleam from this tragedy? I strongly suggest you write them on a note card or post it so that you may deepen to claim the wisdom this opportunity affords all of us.

Some food for thought of the positive outcome from Cornoa I am currently aware of includes:

–       The power of developing local independence. I live in Boulder, Colorado and much of the food is locally growth. There is a strong ideology that developing local interdependence and a more village mentality is a powerful strategic move. This event suggests that locally grown could be a positive trend.

–       Because I am self-sheltering, the life affirming vitality I get through connecting with friends and family is more than just a thought or ideal my mind holds…it is a profound truth and tangible reality I am living. Even though I can only connect to people virtually, when someone reaches out to me or I to them, my mood changes for the better. The beloved individuals that are showing up in my life help me feel whole, safe and supported. So yes, relationships are powerful! They strengthen our immune system, and bring love and meaning to life.

–       The importance of down time.  By slowing the rhythm of life, I have time to reconnect to my bigger true self essence. I also am catching up on projects that had been put on the back burner for way too long.

–       Reconnecting to your own life-pacing.  I notice that when I need to slow down, I hear the signal stronger and understand the clear benefit of listening to my inner voice and needs.

–       When holding up in tight quarters with others, I clearly experience the power of responding with kindness and from the center of my bigger self and not my wound, trauma or reactivity.

Reach out and let me know what lessons this circle of light (Corona) is teaching you!

Sending love and warmth your way,