Making Miracles Common Place Events

The universe has our back and supports us unconditionally. How do we learn to balance our mind, energy and body (Me-B) systems so we are able to receive its support? As we are more able to live from our Core Being (true self), life becomes synchronistic and magical. Everyone can master these skills because they return us to our most natural state-love, acceptance and peace.

For instance, when I met Roberta, she was homebound and isolated in her life by her depression, anxiety and fear. She rarely ventured far from home. A family friend heard about my work and encouraged her to see me. Over the next year, she used my Me-B system and began work with the mind’s negative intentions and beliefs. She reconnected to her body to heal her trauma and she learned the power of working energetically with both the mind and the body. It became easy for her to feel the sensations of her Core Being in her body. Soon, tingles and flows filled her cells. Her mind could feel the bliss of Core Being. As her skills increased, she let go of her overly ridged routines. She used her Enlightened Observer to release negative intentions and old patterns.

The Enlightened Observer is our external source of strengthen we can call upon to help us in difficult times. It helps us become the “I” in the hurricane of pain, stress and overwhelm. Seemingly without effort, Roberta noticed her career advance and relationships once strained, deepened into honesty and trust.

One morning she looked at her long “to do” list and decided to try something different. Instead of meticulously following one task to the next, she would let her deep connection to Core Being guide her throughout the day. So, she set her intention to succeed and accomplish everything on her list and live the day from Core Being. She felt this intention as an emotion in her mind, sensations of energy in her body and she anchored into her Core Being in all three Me-B systems.

She knew she had to catch the bus at 11:00am to make our appointment on time but decided to trust everything would work out. Flowing through her morning one magical moment effortlessly moved into the next. Before she knew it, it was 5 minutes to 11 am. Thinking she surely “missed the bus” she consciously decided to trust and stay connected to Core.

She packed her belongings and joyfully jogged toward the bus stop. Joy and fun filled her as she felt the sun and breeze on her body. It was now 11:20, the bus had surely gone by. And then, just like a Harry Potter movie, an empty bus magically appeared-chauffer driven, just for her. The metaphor of NOT MISSING THE BUS was not lost on her. Thinking spirit had a great sense of humor, Roberta arrived early for our appointment.

Practice the next Core Being Meditation and anchor into your wholeness and truth. Core Being is the answer for any problem or challenge. From the place of Core Being we solve challenge and overcome hardship. It is that simple. The ease of finding, remaining in or returning to Core Being is linked to positive intention. When we focus on what we can do, then that energy grows. Don’t give up or give in to doubt of our negative ego. Use the Enlightened Observer to let our awareness of Core Being continually grow bit by bit and we will succeed!

(Practice every moment of everyday)

Ground deeply and do movements (dance to music) to balance and charge your energy field. Imagine it balanced front/back; top/bottom; left/right. Once you feel more connected and balanced within yourself, place your awareness to the Core Being energy vortex located 1 ½ inches above the belly button and in the center of the body.

Part II
Imagine a ball of energy, the size of a dime, glowing with your unique essence. To the extent possible, notice its color, light, sensation, image, smell, taste, and sound.

Breathe deeply into that space and imagine the glowing ball of your unique essence expand to the size of a tennis ball.

Just as a balloon expands, imagine the energy of your Core Being begin to expand and grow.

Once again spend time breathing into its center, feeling its sensation. It is the conduit for the divine source of you. Sense it, know it, and intuit it.

Part III
If you want, place your hands on that area to help it charge and expand.
The sensation of it often feels like tingles of wholeness.
Begin to feel your wholeness. Melt into the center of it again and this time let it expand further – to the size of a volley ball.

Imagine it front/back, top/bottom, left/right.
With every in breath, go back to the center and every out breath expand outward until it fills the physical body and your outer energy egg that extends about 2.5 feet from the body.

Part IV
As you anchor into the center for the in breaths, you may notice negative emotions, yet you can expand through them outwardly to connect to your Core Being.

With every in breath, go back to the center of your light and with every out breath expand further until if fills all the cells in your entire body and then your outer energy egg. (Chapter 4). Remember, always to return to the center to let it expand out. Just as an atom splits open and discharges energy, going in to the center splits open more of your Core Being and lets it expand outward.

Some days, it may not expand very easily or very far. This is because a Core Distortion(s) needs love, attention and transmuting. In the beginning of Me-B Transformation, we only focus on cultivating the positive higher frequencies. Once we have enough skill to resonate at higher frequencies, we then can bring the high frequencies into difficult emotions created by our Core Distortions. Only then is transmutation to Core Being possible. In part, our ego and programmed personality are the energetic basis of Core Distortions. R
ead my Book, Explorer’s Mind Creates Joy, attend our workshops and visit our web site/blog/twitter for more details about Mind Energy Body Transformation.;; 720/530-7621. Blessing to you all! Carolyn Eberle, LPC and Founder