A Great Story- Miracles Can Be Common Place For Us All

Hi Carolyn- I know it has been a long time but I wanted to share a wonderful experience I had yesterday 🙂 Enjoy

I was packing up after my massage at 4 oclock and someone walked into the office and asked if I was Jenna- He was nervous and anxious…His dad was with him. I got them water and chatted as they waited for Jenna to arrive. She is a hypnotherapist. They told me that they were there to find out where the son had abandoned his car. He was drugged at a bar and blacked out last night- He left his dog in the car and somehow walked home. They had already searched for 8 hours and this was their last hope. I gathered all the details I could about the car and the situation. I said I was intuitive and that I could find things. They gave me the info and went into the session.

I drove around for about twenty minutes and chanted, prayed and finally said” Come on… I’m psychic please help me find this dying dog- All I heard was “Go get icecream.” After arguing a bit, I got the icecream. I drove around the parking lot to the light and heard” Go straight!” There was the car and the dog was alive- It was a collie,wolf, Irish setter mix. Somehow it survived the heat. I had a jug of water in the car and we sat in the shade until the dad and son arrived. I am so thankful for all the teachings you have shared with me over the years. So thankful that my guides or highself were yelling loud and clear and that I listened to their weird directions. The dog is safe- the guy is alive and the father has stronger faith in the divine -They hugged me and I felt blessed and loved. Thanks for all that you do for me!!! So happy the dog is OK and that the ending was happy. Both owner and dog had a long deep night sleep:)

Thanks – Lara 🙂 To schedule a massage and/or intuitive session with Lara you can email her at Lara Alexander: lara8877@yahoo.com