Is Your Inner Child Holding You Back? 5 Tips To Stop It!

False Ageements Made As A Child from Carolyn on Vimeo. In the spiritual, healing and mental health communities, there is often discussion about “un-supportive soul contracts“.  A negative soul contract is when someone, before birth, makes an agreement that might have been useful for them to honor at one point in their soul’s journey, but … Read more

Does the Therapy/Healing Communities Need To Focus Less on What the Therapist Does?

Does the Therapy/Healing Communities Need To Focus Less on What the Therapist Does and more on what skills Our Client’s Need in order to overcome life’s pain and hardness?   So much research and discussion is focused on “what orientation” of psychotherapy and healing is best. Who can do the “best” energy work, the “best” … Read more


Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have hundreds of Buddhist clients. In fact, I too studied many forms of Buddhist meditation over the years and attribute much of my healing to their practices. I not only meditate everyday, but numerous times a day.   Yet, I also have seen many clients rewound during … Read more


When I first graduated from my masters in counseling program, I understood the importance of helping a client “resource” so the pain of trauma didn’t feel overwhelming. Yet I never saw the purpose of generating “ego strength” in a client.  This is because the ego is so linked to the external world’s climate that it … Read more

Compassion in the African Bush-INSPIRING Story of a Lioness!

After spending time in the African Bush amongst elephants, lions, hippos, and leopard, it helped me understand how difficult it is to survive in the jungle. It is even more difficult for animals to survive if they chose to be compassionate to one another. While living there, I met an amazing Grandmother lion that taught … Read more

New Years Resolution TIPS

How to feel Enough in the New Year!  Holding the frequency that “you are enough” is a long-term life task. This task, for most of us, will always be a challenge — up until the day we die. Why is this so? This is because the ego will always live on in our brain/body system; … Read more

How To Take the Good With You!

Have you ever had a life-changing event where one of your deepest childhood dreams came true? Well last week, on an African adventure, that happened for me and I am surely taking the good with me! Read on to hear about the adventure and how I was able to take the amazing life experiences with … Read more

Lean Into The Pain…an Enlightenment Skill!

Lean into the pain! I went to bed, feeling a cold coming on. Usually I try to shift the energy to prevent the cold. It usually lingers…doesn’t come yet doesn’t go. This time, I leaned into the pain in my throat. I surrendered into receiving it with the intention of transformation. I woke up, no … Read more

WE ALL SHOULD… –Follow Alice Down the Rabbit Hole and Learn to See Life Through the Looking Glass!

If we are to be truly happy, it means we must follow Alice down the Rabbit hole. You see, the only way to create internal happiness is to first see what is creating the discord within us. Yet, the double bind can be that when we really look at what is happening inside, it can … Read more