Is Meditation Energy Work?

Our mind is a powerful energetic tool. Regardless of the method or orientation of our meditation practices, all forms of meditation have a direct influence on our energy system. Isn’t it time we learn to assess the impact?

Joan, a new client and long-time meditator came into my office complaining of anxiety and sleep issues. After taking a brief history, it became clear her meditation practices were at the core of her symptoms. She thought she was meditating “correctly” but at the most subtle levels she had merged with the negative feelings, emotions and images during her practice. As a result, instead of clearing and centering her, the meditation over-stimulated her nervous system and depleted her self-esteem.

Over time, she learned to self-assess the effects her sitting practice had on her energetically. By being aware of “right” energy work she fostered “right” mindfulness and mastered her sleep and anxiety challenges.

Knowing how our mind influences our energy system, and in turn, influences our body physiology and our brain’s neurological system is helpful. This is because subtle energy awareness reveals the subconscious and as the unknown becomes known, we become more aware. With awareness-empowerment and change can happen!

Most students begin thinking subtle energy awareness is too difficult. “I will never be able to sense, see, feel energy as a tangible reality,” Joan said.

But within the first few tries, much was mastered. All it takes is aligned intention, some good training and practice. Feel free to call me for support at 720-530-7621, or even better, attend any of our workshops (see workshop schedule).

Warm regards and best of luck on your journey!

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