A Journey to Certification in Mind Energy Body Transformation

A special guest blog by Nancy Battilega LPC, HTCP, Me-B Guide, and Franny Harcey HTCP, Me-B Guide

Have you ever wondered how to regulate your own energy field? Wondered how to access the physical body and find deeper wisdom? Wondered how the mind can help us with challenges or with gifts? In Me-B Transformation training, we discover how to assess which system holds the truth, be it the Mind, Energy or Body. We discover at the most subtle level how to track the energy and how to assist ourselves and others to bring all three systems online and shift negative beliefs and distortions, bringing High Vibrational Consciousness (HVC) into the Mind and Body for true transformation. As we know, Energy is Consciousness, and this is the conduit to connecting Mind and Body.

Me-B training has truly changed our lives in the most positive and productive ways. As Nancy relates, “In 2006 I signed up for the classes in hopes of strengthening my knowledge of, and ability to work more effectively with, all aspects of the personality. I had been diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer that year. The knowledge I gained in these classes about the body’s capacity to heal, along with the support of classmates and Healing Touch friends, confirmed my conviction to self-heal without resorting to surgery or drugs.”

I, Franny, also began Carolyn’s Me-B training in 2006 along with Nancy. This was the most profound gift I could have ever given myself. I thought I would learn how to track energy. If it were only that simple I would not be the person I am today! I not only learned to track energy at subtle levels in myself, but in clients as well. With this knowledge, I am able to continue to be the light even in the midst of the crazy times in my life. I am able to guide clients to discover their authentic selves and each day step deeper into their truth and light.

In the Me-B Transformation Training, we delve deeply into experiencing energy in the Mind, Body and Energy systems. We are taught over 100 interventions. This year-long training is fully experiential and includes homework and practice sessions.

You will not regret taking the time to investigate further this life-transforming Me-B Training.

As further proof, here’s a testimonial from full-day workshop at HTP Worldwide Conference:

“It is hard for me to put the right words together to express how I felt about the class and the experience I had on the table. It was awesome and has added to the desire I have to grow in the energy healing work I am learning. I have ordered the book and plan on taking the full class at some point in the future.” – Charles Kelsoe

Classes begin this fall! Carolyn looks forward to meeting you and answering your questions. You can contact her today at 720-530-7621, or at eberle01@sprynet.com. For more testimonials from graduates, a summary of class content, the schedule of 12 trainings and to register go to www.mindenergybodycertification.com.