How To Know What Works Best: 5 Key Elements of Any Successful Training/Self Mastery Program

Everyone committed to creating joy, peace and harmony within must ask this question: how do I know what works best? Unfortunately, no single program can be right for every person. So what do we look for? What 5 key elements are needed for success in the approach you choose?

We all are so lucky to have many valuable and advanced self-help orientations. For instance, my colleges often ask me should I study EMDR, DBT, Brain Spotting, Gestalt or Somatic Experiencing? And what about subtle energy awareness do I need to know? In fact, there are so many wonderful orientations that it can be hard to know which one to pick. At one point, I found it overwhelming to decide what I should study next so I studied almost everything. Yet as a result, I found out what really works. Hopefully this 5-Element Approach will help provide a framework so you can better choose what to study and where to turn.

Element 1: Studies indicate that the choices we make and reactions we take throughout the day are really the result of deep neurological/physiological programming. To make long-term progress, choose an approach that adequately helps the brain neuro-network rewire to a more-healthy habituation.

Element 2: It is vital the approach helps you develop a self-identity that is very separate from your emotions, physical health and life challenges. Ask yourself: does the approach teach you to maintain strong self-compassion and numerous strategies to help you stay detached and differentiated from the emotional pain? If our identity is merged with the pain and there is no separation between who we think we are and the energy of the negative emotion/challenge we are facing, then positive change will be short lived. This is because the negative programming in our brain is reinforced when we don’t know who we are at the deeper level. In Me-B Transformation we call the energy of that deeper level of truth our Core Being.

Element 3: The approach should not foster what I call Spiritual Junk Food by making unrealistic claims of easy success. For instance, does it declare in only a few sessions you will never have a negative feeling or belief again? Or that it heals long-term symptoms of depression and anxiety in just three sessions? These claims are misleading and disempowering. As long as our midbrain/reptilian brain lives, we will have challenging emotions and life challenges. So we might as well develop the skills so even negative emotions and difficulties foster a deeper connection to our wholeness. We can learn to use them to help us transform back to wholeness. Don’t trust the ostrich with its head in the sand approach. The approach should happily acknowledge that we are never done. There will always be more light to accept and thus darkness to move through.

Element 4: Does it promote self-empowerment and independence from you? Is the intention of the orientation to help you so much that eventually you will not need them any more?

Element 5: Does it foster deep self-awareness and self-responsibility at the deepest levels? And does it help you reveal the subconscious mind? Most of the negative cycles that replay in life can only be overcome by being willing to reveal their painful subconscious roots.

Mind Energy Body Transformation is one orientation that embraces these five essential elements. In fact, here’s what some of our students have said about the training:

“I decided to take the Me-B training, because I wanted something more for myself and for my clients. I had been working under the assumption for years, both professionally and personally, that just being aware of and processing trauma and life struggles on a cognitive and body level was synonymous with healing. Me-B work introduced me to the concept of working through our pain and programmed personalities at a mind, energy, and body level and provided me with tools for transforming pain on all three levels to a deeper connection to wholeness and my own divine truth. During the training, I experienced profound shifts in all three systems and in my life. I have been able to assist myself and my clients at a level of healing I never thought possible. It has been a paradigm shift in my personal and professional life and has truly been the best thing I have ever done for myself and for my clients.” – Amy, LPC

“I felt guided to join the Mind Energy Body Certification program out of a deep desire to embrace and hone my healing gifts, and to utilize them via a spiritually-based career. When I learned of the depth, uniqueness, and variety that this training offered, I knew that this would be the perfect platform for me delve into my passions. Not only did the Me-B Certification program offer psychotherapeutic training, but also training in hands-on healing, as well as an abundance of techniques for shifting the mind, energy, and body systems in order to facilitate deep transformation. I was incredibly relieved to find that such a program existed, but never would I have guessed what a life-altering, powerfully transformative journey it would be! Not only did I strengthen professionally, but I also feel more empowered, confident, and in alignment with my authentic truth then I ever dreamed possible! Whereas before I found myself disempowered and collapsing into pain and old patterns, now I have tools to assist me moment to moment in deepening my connection to my authentic essence; my Core Being. I no longer consider myself a victim to ‘old programming,’ for now I am aware of my Choice Points and how I can engage my Enlightened Observer to help me to reprogram my mind, energy, and body systems. I am also now aware of how to utilize the power of intention in order to make choices that will align me with my Core Being rather than the painful Programmed Personality. Thanks to this AMAZING program, I am so grateful for the wealth of knowledge and invaluable tools that I can now use to support others and myself through the healing process!” – Sara, a healer and child care profession.

“The reason I decided to take the Me-B training was because, well, I felt called to do so. I had taken many trainings in the past, but this one felt different. It was like the Me-B training not only took all the trainings I had done previously and combined them into one, but it also took things a step further by incorporating energy. This was a huge shift for me, one that I knew was important yet had never been addressed in all the past trainings I had done. The Me-B training allowed me to integrate all that I had learned while deepening my work both personally and professionally. It has given me tools to help shift deep emotional pain and suffering while learning how to stay deeply connected to my divinity and innate wholeness. The ability to work on all three levels: the mind, energy and body has profoundly transformed my view of my personal and professional life. Carolyn is extremely talented and provides a training atmosphere filled with love, acceptance, safety and laughter.” – Julie, LPC

Are you ready to learn more about Me-B Certification? If so, first attend my free webinar, “How to Use Our Mind as a Powerful Energy Tool.” Afterwards, I hope you’ll attend my Introduction To Mind Energy Body Transformation Seminar in Boulder on September 24.