Free Webinar: 1st of 5 Mindfulness Steps: Become the ‘I’ in the Hurricane of Life’s Challenges

Wherever we go, there we are. We are the one constant in our lives. As we become more aware, we also become more empowered to create change and choice.

Quantum physics explains that everything is made up of particles of energy and that energy can resonate at high frequencies and low frequencies. If we can be aware enough to assess if our mind is vibrating at a high or low frequency it gives us power and choice.

So with awareness we can assess if our mind is supporting us in life or if it is holding low frequencies and could be clouding our perspective, and thus our ability to make positive life choices. In Reiki and other Hands on Energy work, we know that our hands bring healing energy into us but so does our mind. We can use both to eliminate emotional pain, depression, anxiety and illness.

In a FREE webinar on Tuesday, September 21, beginning at 7 pm, we will investigate the foundational aspects of Mind Energy Body Transformation. In addition, we will look at the first of five mindfulness steps taught in the 12 Class Me-B Certification Program and in our Awakening Monthly Support Groups.

An attendee from the same free webinar hosted on September 14 had this great feedback:

Hi Carolyn! So pleased to have been able to catch this! I have read about mindfulness and mind chatter – yeah! I get that! I also like the higher-brain and lower-brain comparison. I have the feeling this is about reconfiguring our own neural net, by being mindful of our mind chatter, breaking the pattern, and redirecting our thoughts/energy to create a new healthy path, and allowing the old unhealthy one to fade from disuse. Just like a path in the woods. Gotta find out more about your book – you’ve been busy, haven’t you!”

Another student of mine noted, “Not knowing the power of the mind is like giving a loaded gun to a monkey. Imagine the damage we do to ourselves with our mind. Yet also imagine the potential!”

Warm regards and best wishes on your journey!

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