Just When You Think Your Kids Aren’t Listening…

My healing center is located at my home and my daughter has let me know that it deeply inconveniences her 17-year-old flow. I worked hard to teach my kids to set boundaries and express their feelings. As a result, my daughter is strong and confident, yet her 17-year-old attitude holds quite the energetic punch. Regardless of how hard she pushes, however, I stay strong, set boundaries and remind her that the “entitled” attitude won’t serve her in our home or anywhere else.

So just when you think your kids don’t hear the advice and wisdom you share, they do something to let you know that more is absorbed than you may think. To my clients and students, I stress the importance of having a very loving but strong female head of household to keep the family emotionally healthy and aligned. I now see how true this is. As proof, here is what my daughter wrote for her college application:

“It took me eighteen years to realize what influence my mother has had on me. Even though she is not my biological mother, she has always been right by my side and my brother’s side. She is the kind of person who you can have a deep conversation with or to get advice from. Growing up with a spiritual therapist teaches you how to be calm in situations that might not always go the way it is supposed to. I developed many skills and enthusiasms from my mom that has helped through high school and life in general. Not only did she teach me to love the excitement to learn something new, but also to understand her idea of spirit, life, and love as well.

My mother’s love for learning came up when she traveled mainly. When my family took a trip to Nepal, my mother was the first one to buy the books on the history of the country and everything that was involved with the country. I remember trekking up the mountains in Nepal and my mother stopping us every minute to tell us about the plants or trees. We would travel to different Buddhist temples and my brother and I would stare up at what we thought was the oldest sculptures in the world. My mother would tell us stories about the temples and how the monks would live and pray in them. After exploring Nepal, my family decided to visit Thailand where we stayed in an old village and again my mom taught us everything we would ever wish to know about Thailand. When we got back to the States I remember telling all my friends about Nepal and Thailand and the different journeys we had while traveling through the foreign countries.

Through traveling to so many different places and learning about poverty, my mother decided it would be good for us start helping our community by volunteering at Rocky Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center. Volunteering at RMTRC was such a great experience for me. I saw and learned how just riding and caring for a horse could make a big difference in the kids’ lives. One boy, Mason, was pretty upset about having to come to RMTRC. I remember my mom pulling me aside and telling me to go talk to him. She told me to be caring, but at the same time to be excited to talk to him. When I did, Mason opened up and decided to give riding a try, which I was so happy to see. I discovered that just by having spirit you could make other people feel better.

Everything that my mom has done has always had a good and positive impact on me. While the experiences when traveling had been wonderful, I learned everything mainly from my mother. She has enriched my life with her passion for traveling and for learning. She is a woman with endless love and devotion to her kids and will always be one of the most important people in my life. ”

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