At pivotal points in our lives, it can feel like everything is falling apart, as if the sky itself is falling down. In these times, it is normal to feel alone, unloved and abandoned by God. We believe we must have done something terribly wrong to deserve this treatment.

I reassure you, you have done nothing wrong. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Every time it feels as if the sky is falling down, it means the Universe is supporting us to raise our consciousness and clean the items from our closets that no longer fit.

It is as if our higher self/God is giving us two thumbs up and a high-five, and saying, “You have grown out of your old ways. You are ready to move to a higher level.” So embrace this energetic nudge as a signal that you are about to shift the things in your life that no longer serve you.

However, this challenge can still feel overwhelming, like climbing Mt. Everest without oxygen. As a 49-year-old veteran of the “Sky is Falling Down” event, I now am better prepared to embrace this inevitable phase of my life with curiosity and joy.

Even so, in the last few weeks the “Sky Is Falling Down” event has pushed my edges to the max. Over the past month, a hand full of dramatic sky pieces have fallen my way, but two days ago, the last piece that fell has been one of the hardest.

My young champion event horse was diagnosed with a disorder and I must give him up. In one day, things went from seeing him as a champion competitor to having to ask myself, “how do I let him go and find the right new home where he can give love, play in a field and have only slight riding demands placed upon him?”

My heart broke. It seemed so unfair. It is one thing for the universe to deliver challenges to me, but not my innocent, kind and loving boy Leo. If only we could pick and choose which sky pieces fall our way and our loved ones’ ways.


Since we can’t pick what pieces fall our way, we can align to discover the gifts they can bring. So if everything that happens is “perfect” and is done for us, not to us, I must discover how my four-legged boy’s diagnosis contains a gift. Follow these tips to turn your “Sky is Falling Down” event into one of higher consciousness and grace.


To find the gift, we must first be willing to look at what we may be pretending not to know. For instance, I took Leo to a vet because there was this inner intuition that something was wrong with him, despite his high level of performance. Take a moment to listen to your inner voice and see what intuition(s) you have been ignoring.


Follow the advice of your inner knowing and take direct action(s). My action was to get Leo checked out by one of the top vets in the country. There may be more than one action your inner knowing has been asking you to do.

Also, take personal responsibility. Know inside that a part of you has been asking for this change and you are ready for the challenge.

Don’t wait. Write down a list of actions you can take to follow your inner knowing. Usually, you must let go of something or accept something you don’t want to accept. It can be things, thoughts, beliefs and feelings about others and/or yourself. For instance:

  • What things, thoughts, beliefs, and negative feelings have you out grown?
  • What doesn’t work for you anymore?
  • What no longer fits in your life?


Notice how the things that don’t fit in our metaphorical closet actually create an energy drain and perpetuate lower vibrational consciousness (LVC). Quantum physics says everything is made up of particles of energy. Energy has high vibrations and low vibrations. If we hold onto the low vibrations we become stuck and can’t manifest change. If we cultivate high vibrational consciousness (HVC), we can take the energy of difficulty and transform it into positive manifestations, change and joy.


You know you found the gift of higher consciousness when you feel gratitude that a challenging event has happened. Only then do you know full inner transformation is complete. Sometimes this takes a week and sometime this takes a year. The length of time it takes to turn a falling piece of sky into a rainbow is not a litmus test of success. This is because deeper issues often take longer to transform. Make the commitment, regardless of the length of time it takes.


You also know you have been successful when your old sense of self seems so limited to how you now feel about yourself. It is as if you didn’t really know who you were until you overcame this challenge, and climbed this metaphorical mountain. The “you” that now stands will seem so much more aligned and connected to the truth. You will be able to say, “I would never ask for time to turn back given the gifts I have received from overcoming this challenge.”

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Warm regards and many blessings

Carolyn Eberle, LPC

Founder of the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation