Free-Ready for a paradigm shift on how you process trauma/emotions/life?

You are Invited to attend our Free Lecture on using the energies of somatic pain, trauma and life challenge as fuel to reconnect us to our wholeness. So if our life challenges, at their most basic level is energy and sensations/thoughts in our body/mind, how do we transform those energies and sensations into wisdom and wholeness? How does healing trauma/emotional pain really happen? What is the vibration and frequency of change?

At Friday’s discussion you will learn the “hows” and “whys” behind this process that will elevate your current skills and abilities to a deeper level. We will present a new paradigm for treatment that supports empowerment and self-responsibility.

TIME: 7-9pm
DATE: This Friday Night
LOCATION: Northern Boulder The Mind Energy Body School of Tranformation
RSVP: For directions

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As we uncover sacred and ancient practices that open doors to the subtle energies of transformation and spirit, we gain the ability to take any life challenge and any emotional distress and use it as a portal to create wisdom, joy and deeper connection to spirit within.

In Me-B Transformation we call this deeper truth of reality our Core Being. These ‘technologies of the sacred” are important tools for reclaiming the lost aspects of ourselves that can bring one back to wholeness.

The Process: Reveals the subconscious and fosters healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, unblocking and transforming the energy of anger, anxiety, depression, trauma, illness, past lives, ancestral distortions and more. As a result it reconnects us to our wholeness and a deeper true reality. We gain wisdom, perspective and the ability to anchor into our Core Being!

The Technique: Balances our brain chemistry, our neurobiology and our energy system. It opens our hearts to receive love, feel a sense of belonging free and whole even when life’s challenges surround us. You learn to become the light in the darkness.

The Method: In Me-B Transformation we develop subtle energy awareness, tracking and transformation skills so negative life experiences (including developmental trauma, illness, past lives and more) can be used as fuel to reconnect us to our wholeness and light.

3 Skills I Will Learn For Transformation: The energy of Aligned Intention + Advanced Mindfulness Techniques + the Energetics of Presence or Core Being. All three of thee skills are the building blocks for Transformation. Our Advanced Guide entitled Explorer’s Mind-A Map to Freedom a helps us develop these skills and can be ordered at or by contacting Founds, Carolyn Eberle, LPC at 720-530-7621;