Take a moment to consider who you believe yourself to be and what defines you in the world.

Just like a leaf blows in the wind, our sense of self can be defined by the circumstances that surround us. This can make it very difficult to feel whole in times of difficulty. The holidays for many of us can be quite stressful. It is a nice time to remind ourselves that the emotional triggers and negative feelings about ourselves don’t have to define us. Instead, they can be fuel to use to reconnect us to our wholeness.

I find that triumph is found not from our successes, but from anchoring into our Core Being (Source/God Self). Explore the following questions. Then let the healing meditation help you anchor back to wholeness.

* Are you defined by the roles you play in life? (Mother, Career, Heritage, Your Last Conversation with a friend, the opinion of your parents or boss?)
* Maybe You Define Yourself By Your Thoughts? (“I did that well.” “I don’t like how I look. ” I will never succeed.” “It is my fault.” “She likes me.” “He hates me.”
* Or Do You Define Yourself By How Others Treat You. (He was mean. She didn’t understand me. She ignored me. He was rude. She cut me off in the car.)

* Does Your Career Define You? (If so, what if you lose your job. Who are you then?)

As we redefine ourselves by anchoring into Source (Core Being/God Self)
we free ourselves from our programming. We open to see the deeper truth. As a result we are ore able to grow, expand and feel whole.

Let me know if/how the Following Meditation Helps you Remember to Define Your Self By Your Wholeness and not the Holes In Your Life!

Step 1: Write a List of Who You are At the Core Being Level. Core Being is synonymous with Source, God Self, Spirit. Find the name that works for you. In Me-B Transformation we call it our Core Being. (Ask a Mind Energy Body Guide, therapist , healer or friend to help you.)

Step 2: Write a list of what define you. The questions above can help you come up with answers. (Ask a Mind Energy Body Guide, therapist , healer or friend to help you.)

Step 3: Consider that we all are a work in progress and that at the Core Being Level we all are whole. We are just learning to return to our wholeness and remember.

Step 4: Now, review Step 2 and make a holiday/New Years Intention to release those definitions of you. Any time you think or feel Yourself Be Defined By Step 2 imagine that energy leaving your mind, energy and body systems.

Then Imagine yourself connecting to the positive alternative . (Review what you wrote in Step I for support.

Lastly, notice how you can change your actions so as not to feed the negative alignments that exacerbate your tendency to defined yourself by what you listed in Step 2.