Why is Mindfulness Energy Work?

What is energies’ relationship to mindfulness and consciousness? Is it one in the same?

Just as yellow and blue combined make green, whenever we place our very powerful mind deep in the body, transformation is possible. We can advance your skills and be more effective as this puzzle is solved.

So why is it important to call a duck a duck? If we acknowlege that mindfulness is energy work, we can refine our skills. For instance, some people use mindfulness to eliminate pain and heal emotional trauma. When doing this, people understand that a very important cornerstone of mindfulness is objectivity– but what does it mean to be objective? For instance, during inner Chi Kung practices, beginning students scan the body “moving energy” through the meridian. What if moving energy with the mind isn’t helpful and is not right mindfulness and it is not right energy work? And, if so, why?

Part of the answer is that mindfulness is a tool to alter consciousness. If this is true, what is consciousness and is energy and sensations in the body a physical representation of consciousness?

Mindfulness is found everywhere but do we have the deepest understanding of its power or why it works? Come explore these questions and more on Sunday, August 2nd and September 6 for a full-day workshop on the science of Mind Energy Body Transformation.

Some people believe focusing just on body cues to guide and support clients is as blind as walking the Halls of Congress in the pitch dark. Is there a way to turn on the light and assess things more clearly? Also, how can we feel difficult emotions and our ego so tons of joy and power is created?

During this one day workshop, discover a new paradigm and advance your knowledge and skills in mindfulness, energy awareness and body psychotherapy. Call or email to reserve your space 720/530-7621; eberle01@sprynet.com. 10am – 5pm; $75 if you register early.

Carolyn Eberle, LPC is the founder of the Mind Energy Body Institute and author of the Explorer’s Mind Creates Joy. Soon to be released! Call now and register 720/530-7621; eberle01@sprynet.com; Blog: www.carolyneberle.wordpress.com www.mindenergybodyinstitute.com.

Carolyn Eberle, Founder, LPC
Blog: www.carolyneberle.wordpress.com