Healers and Therapists Can Learn From Each Other

Healers judging psychotherapist and psychotherapists judging healers -will it ever stop? Ignorance and arrogance is the most likely fuel creating the distortion of truth. It is too bad the client suffers because neither one sees the whole picture. This is especially true when trying to heal somatic pain and trauma. But give it 10 years and the gifts of both will be integrated into one science. People will see how somatic reactions are just energy. And negative and positive energetic configurations are felt as somatic reactions in the body.

I attended a workshop this weekend and the teachers put a client on the table to help them release somatic pain. They even touched the client. When the students asked why they touched where they did on the body of the client, the teacher could not energetically explain what was happening and how her touch changed the energy field and helped (or didn’t help) the client.

This is because she isn’t yet able to tangibly sense the energetic shifts her touch created. As I watched her, I saw her touch the forehead just as the client’s 6th chakra jumped out into disassociation. The teacher did a perfect intervention but, didn’t energetically know why. As we learn how our touch or words energetically resonate in a client’s energy field, we can sense how effective (or ineffective) we have been.

It is great that the teachings are headed in the direction of touch and energetic awareness. Yea world! Energy awareness can help us. It exists and it can become a tangible resource to help us all heal. As we move our arrogance out of the way, I think the ignorance will move out of the way too and somatic therapists will be able to open to the gifts of healers and healers to the gifts of psychotherapists.

So energy is consciousness and somatic pain and trauma is energy and consciousness. We might as well know what we are doing and tracking more than just body movements and reactions only shows part of the picture. As we learn to sense very subtle energetic shifts, we can know much more. My prayer is that (1) healers learn to work responsibly with consciousnesses, negative beliefs, emotions, negative sense of self and that (2) body-centered psychotherapists learn that somatic reactions are physical representations of specific energetic changes.

As therapists learn about the types of energy the somatic represents, energy can tell us if we are effective and it can be used as a vehicle for healing. For instance, if a client has closed eyes and we see no somatic responses, we can learn to track the subtle energetic shifts to see if we are effective, if the client is looping, disassociated or healing. Tracking their breath only holds part of the story. For instance, if a client is giving a cathartic response, is it a healthy one or is it re-traumatizing them? Subtle energy awareness can help us answer these questions. Subtle energy awareness can also let us know what emotion is being suppressed. A therapist can learn to sense what emotion is being blocked and thus can help guide clients into the emotions as appropriate.

Subtle energy awareness can help us learn to assess if somatic reactions are linked to negative or positive emotions, trauma, negative beliefs or what? Thus the ability to know the type of energy the somatic represents and then what types of energy is needed to heal is vital.

Lastly, can both healers and therapists understand that energy/somatic IS a representation of consciousness.
So if we use our mind/awareness to feel a sensation and the energy/consciousness we feel it with is too low a vibrational consciousness, a client will be expanding the negative somatic response and not heal it. Thus it is not IF we can feel an emotion/sensation that matters but HOW (what energy do we use to feel it with) is key!

So as we learn to track the energy of the consciousness of the negative/positive somatic responses, trained Practitioners can come to know what type of energy and support is needed to help the client and/or ourselves heal . In Mind Energy Body (Me-B) Transformation we have developed more than 50 integrated interventions to achieve this goal. Me-B Transformation took the gifts and lessons learned in body-centered psychotherapy and combined it with the gifts of energy workers so the best of both are represented.