The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Just as the colors yellow and blue, when mixed together create green – whenever we place our mind into the body we are doing energy work. Yet, as body-centered licensed psychotherapists, we might be reluctant to call a duck a duck. This can prevent us from receiving the benefits that come with deeper understanding and awareness.

So, I am here to say it is safe to declare the Emperor has no cloths. In fact, it will help all of us and I believe it is the next evolution. What do they say, awareness is the first step? I have been studying meditation, energy healing and psychotherapeutic modalities for two decades and can completely understand why admitting this might feel difficult or scary. To some of us, it might feel exciting or boring because it is stating the obvious. Whatever gets triggered, as we acknowledge what is already happening, we claim our power so we can evolve and improve.

What are the benefits of acknowledging that when our very powerful mind, connects to our body or our client’s body, we are working energetically?

1) Empowerment. Noticing what is already happening gives us greater abilities and can expand our skill set so we are more able to help others and ourselves. For instance, we can get to a point that we can watch a video of a client/therapist session and sense exactly how the energy of the client changes for the better or not. We can sense what negative emotion that will be expressed, even before it is expressed. We can also sense how the therapist’s energy influences and support’s the client. Imagine what you can sense when it actually happens in your own office!

2) Energy work does not mean touching clients. After all, it is the relationship that creates the healing. Noticing how our own and/or a clients energy is reacting just provides more information so it can possibly increase our effectiveness.

3) Just as we know that catharsis is not healing, energy awareness can help us understand that HOW we feel an emotion is as important as IF we are feeling or blocking an emotion. Energetically, we can assess what type of mindfulness is being used so we can better coach clients. If our mindfulness is connected, not judging and objective this is said to be “right” mindfulness and effective. However, as our energetic awareness skills deepen, we can refine this definition much further.

4) Energy is a pathway to reveal the subconscious. Just as quantum physics says all solid objects are really just particles, we also know that all energy is a representation of consciousness. When the mind’s awareness enters the body and feels sensations, what we are really doing is altering (or embodying) our consciousness. Depending upon how this is done, we support healing and health or we just multiply our pain. Subtle energy awareness can help us learn how to prevent pain from becoming more pain. As our skills advance, all pain can eventually transform into health and joy.

5) Without subtle energy awareness, we are stuck using only body cues (statements, sounds, breath, movement and facial expressions) to track our clients. This limits us. With energy awareness we can ALL (it is not that hard) learn to track more subtle changes in consciousness. Just by looking at a client, we can actually assess where in the body a negative belief is trapped, what it deals with and if our client is resourced enough to feel the challenging consciousness and turn it into a positive. It sounds difficult, but with practice-it becomes normal and common place.

6) Client empowerment can be fostered at more subtle levels. For instance, if a client disassociates during a session, we can track exactly where in the body their consciousness left and then ask them to place a hand on that part of the body to bring them back or explore why they left, or the supportive options are many. This then helps clients catch themselves quicker too. As we track clients at more subtle levels, we are more able to help empower clients to track and shift themselves back into balance quicker and more effectively. The in-tangible can become tangible. This is empowerment through self-awareness. Having to only rely on body cues when working at in the body with clients is like trying to navigate the halls of congress in the dark. Being able to “turn on the light” and sense and see the energetic changes brings so much to the surface.

7) Why use a hammer when a much more subtle tool is possible? Energy awareness often lets us use more gentler tools to have the same positive effect. With this knowledge, we can develop new innovations for working somatically.
Learn these skills and more. Contact the Mind Energy Body Institute to attend their year training or for private sessions call 720/530-7621;; We really are on a mission to help us all work together to raise our consciousness. Working mind, energy and body systems together for change could be your way too. It is not easy, but it is simple! Remember how worthy you are.