Energy Tips Newsletter Vol. 1

Rule our lives!
Clear the pain of the past, by lovingly meeting the pain in the moment with wisdom and energetic light.
Energy is consciousness. Learn to cultivate the energy of higher consciousness in your mind, energy and body (Me-B) systems.

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So, how do we begin the process of cultivating the energy of High Vibrational Consciousness (HVC) and white paint? One way is outlined next. Practice bringing in HVC of what I call the Enlightened Observer. The Enlightened Observer resonates at the energetic frequency of god/spirit/source- whatever word works best for you. Over time, you will learn to use its energy to transform energy blocks and difficult emotions. Our mind is a key ally in this process. It becomes the Enlightened Observer and uses its HVC to align our energy system and our cells to eliminate black paint or Low Vibrational Consciousness (LVC) such as energy blocks, under-charged energy, pain, guilt, judgment, debt, depression, and anxiety.

As we follow the below meditation, we will practice using the HVC of our Enlightened Observer to transform dense energy blocks and can then more easily connect to the essence of our true self/god/source/spirit (I call it the Core Being). As energy blocks dissipate, the vortex for our Core Being opens. Eventually you will learn how to open this vortex and allow its energy to fill our cells and clear our energy field. For now, let’s just practice using our Enlightened Observer.


Step 1: The Central Channel (see below diagram) runs from the top of the head, through the center of the body and out the root chakra. It is like a hollow tube or pipe. It rests equally in the front of our body as it does in the back. (See previous diagram.)

Using intention, allow and invite the HVC energy of our Enlightened Observer to come in through the top of the head and begin to fill the center of the central channel. Just as sand fills an hourglass, let the HVC of our Enlightened Observer fill the central channel. Have it fill from the top of the head through the center of the head to the center of the neck. Notice how wide it fills and if there are any breaks. Eventually, as our skills increase we will be able to track and feel the sensation of the energy filling the Central Channel. For now, just imagine what you think is happening. Focus on what you can do/imagine and build upon that. Feeling, tracking and aligning energy takes time to learn-just know that where your awareness goes, energy flows. Trust it is working.

Step 2: Now allow the energy to come in through the front and back of the throat chakra (see diagram) and fill the central channel from the neck down through the center of the chest. Notice what you notice, discount nothing.

Step 3: Let the energy in through the front and back of the heart chakra, and fill the central channel. Watch where the energy flows and fills. Then let the energy in through the front/back of the 3rd chakra, solar plexus and once again notice where the energy flows and fills the central channel.

Step 4: Let the energy in through the second chakra (sacrum/pelvis)-front and back and fill the central channel.

Lastly, let energy in from the earth up through the root chakra and fill the central channel.

Note: We are not directing the energy to flow in one or another direction. We are allowing it to fill, connect and expand the Central Channel. We are observing and self-assessing the following:
(1) where does it fill;
(2) are there any breaks in the Central Channel and is there any place where it collapses and won’t fill;
(3) how wide does it fill (1/4 inch in diameter or more);
(4) does it fill wider in some places and narrower in others;
(5)can you feel the sensation of it filling somatically (tingles and flows);
(6) can you easily see in your mind’s eye or easily imagine/visualize it filling;
(7) how easily is it to assess and receive the filling into your body,
(8) as it fills and realigns, how does your view on life/challenges and sense of self change; and
(9) where it doesn’t fill or where it narrows or disconnects can you identify any emotional issues or negative beliefs that might need transforming?

Energy has intelligence. You don’t have to direct it but you do have to let it expand and flow. As we develop the ability to surrender to receiving HVC and get out of our own way, the energy knows where to go and how to align to our highest good. This is especially true when our Enlightened Observer is running HVC. If it loses its higher frequencies it can create LVC and “black paint.” Over time you will be able to self-assess your Enlightened Observer and help it realign so it only cultivates HVC.

Step 5: As you answer the questions to Step 4, draw your central channel before you practice this exercise and afterward. Draw what is your normal base line for your central channel. Set a goal for gradual improvement over the next year. Draw a picture of what you would like it to look like a year from now. Also, be curious (NOT JUDGMENTAL) about what aspects of your Core Being (god-self/spirit) can you own and feel that still rests lightly in your energy field. Also investigate any negative beliefs/emotional issues might need to change for the energy to change.

Improvement of our energy system means we are more able to run HVC through our bodies and invite more joy and bliss. HVC feels like tingles/flows and joy. As we train ourselves to feel the sensation of these tingles/flows in our body (Core Being), we exercise our energetic muscles.

As these energetic muscles get stronger and more skillful, we are more able to live from Core Being and manifest our dreams. Take time. Don’t rush and always focus on what you can do so you create more of what you can do! This is living from our Explorer’s Mind (but, more on this later).

(1) Align our central channel. It is one of the most important energy meridians in our body because it feeds our whole body and all the meridians.

(2) Develop the skills to receive HVC of our Enlightened Observer. This helps us more easily connect to our Core Being. Eventually, I will help you locate the energy vortex for Core Being. For now, we are just preparing our energy field and teaching it the habit of using our Enlightened Observer to receive HVC and to feel the sensation of tingles and flows.

(3) Improve your ability to use energy for self-healing. Eventually you will learn how to use HVC to transform negative beliefs, insecurity, ego, illness and challenging emotions into the raw energy necessary to manifest dreams.

(4) Over time, the Energy Tips will help us energetically self-assess and identify when we block ourselves and how to stop.

Hopefully, in some small way, through This Energy Tips Newsletter, together we will practice, transform and reclaim our light! Blessings to all!

Thank you for your interest. Next month I will provide a forum for you to share how these tips have helped you and answer any questions you may have as you learn to implement these very subtle yet powerful skills. In addition, the next few Energy Tip Newsletters will address –What is the Explorer’s Mind and how can it help us improve our energy field? How do we energetically protect ourselves? How do we energetically self-assess? How do we see and track energy in ourselves and others?

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