New Research on the Brain Supports the Mind-Body Connection

New research on the brain supports the mind-body connections.  Check this out! cerebral-cortex_525
“New theory upends view of how brain is wired”

By Stephen J Buehler Psychotherapist and Organizational Consultant

Looking at how sensory information is processed in rats, Columbia University neuroscientist Randy Bruno found that signals are processed in two parts of the cortex simultaneously rather than in series—almost as if there are two brains.

“Our findings challenge dogma,” says Bruno, assistant professor of neuroscience. “The upper and lower layers form separate circuits that do separate things.”

The discovery, he says, “opens up a different way of thinking about how the cerebral cortex does what it does, which includes not only processing sight, sound, and touch but higher functions such as speech, decision-making, and abstract thought.”