Carolyn EberleTomorrow is a unique time to bridge the gap between your light body (Core Being) and your personality. It can be easier to shift out of your programming and more and more live from Core Being.
Below is a meditation I developed to assist you in this process.  Also feel free to check out this other cool web site a student of mine told me about!  Merkabah Activation – Video http://www.universallifetools.com/2013/07/merkabah-activation/  (Thanks Z for sharing this with me!)


Aura-7Levels-796x1024Step I: Begin by balancing and expanding your energy field and getting into your body.  Use your own favorite way to do this or follow some of these suggestions.  Spin chakras, do 10 jumping jacks to expand your field, breath deeply.  Feel the sensations of energy move equally front/back; left/right; top/bottom throughout your body.

Step II: Bring your awareness to the pineal gland in the center of the head. Surrender to receive your Core Being energy awaken there.  Watch it come in.  Don’t make it come, just be aware of it arriving as you align to let your personality step out of the way.

Step III: Allow that energy to expand.  Notice it expanding and filling your cheeks, eyes, ears, nose, head.  Notice how you can let it spread to your neck (front and back) shoulders, upper chest, upper back.  Continue to let it spread downward to fill your heart, lungs, liver, spleen, intestines, and sexual organs. Let if fill your torso (front and back); pelvis inner thighs, legs, lower legs and feet.

Step IV: Now to deepen activation of DNA and Light Body, bring your awareness back to the top of your head.  Let in the energy of your Core Being.  Watch it come in. Surrender to let it in and fill the central channel (the energy pipeline all the chakras feed into and runs through the center of the body).  As it fills the central channel from the 7th Crown Chakra downward imagine, feel sense it raising the vibration of each chakra as you move downward.  First the 6th, then the 5….all the way downward to the 1st.

(Repeat at least 9 times throughout the day)

Let me known how this works for you and if you are into doing awakening work around relationship challenges, check out our workshop in two weeks at this link:  mebschooloftransformation.com/events/14/couples-therapy-mind-energy-body-spirit-orientation/