Compassion in the African Bush of Zimbabwe – Unlike The Killing By the Dentist

Lion that was killed by the American Dentist illegally-pretty sure it is him…see the video to the end.

So I met Cecil the lion that was just killed by the American dentist. See video below at the end you will meet Cecil.

I lived in Zimbabwe briefly and had a magical Safari. Below is from a newsletter I wrote after returning and hearing an amazing story of love and compassion.

The Compassionate Daughter (wife of Ceil the lion that was just killed by the dentist) that left the pride to take care of her mother. She risked her life and the life of her babies.

They “kicked out” the Grandmother of the Pride she helped create because they felt she was too old. You see it is very difficult to survive in the African Bush and the leaders of the Pride didn’t want to feed a “noncontributing” member.

So they threw her out to die. But her daughter (picture below) would not have it and left the pride to take care of her mother.

The summer before she lost her cubs as a result of having to hunt for both her cubs, herself and her mother — Stretch, the guide, suggested Hyenas killed them for their dinner.

The grandmother that created the pride…but when she got too old to hunt, she was kicked out…survival of the fittest.

Now, in the video you will see the Grandmother, the daughter and the two new cubs to be born. It is an amazing story of love and compassion.  No one knows why the daughter left her pride.

In the bush, you are supposed to think about survival, not compassion.

Yet this is a story of love and compassion overcoming survival instinct!  The dentist that shot Ceil, the king lion could learn a lot from the beloved compassionate daughter

Watch on and see a video of Cecil too!  And, there is more to this story.  The deeper story of what is happening to these areas that are suppose to be protected….ask me if you want to learn more!

VIDEO OF MOTHER, GRANDMOTHER and 2 New Cubs and Ceil too!

If the mother (wife of Cecil) had stayed with the pride, her cubs would have had its full protection. Yet, out by themselves…the saying, “the weak die young” is all too true in the bush.  In the bush being compassionate can have a price.

I began to wonder how this might be true for us humans. Is the world we created so much different?  Do the weak die young and what role can the mother lioness inspire us to play so we can be strong, loving and compassionate — even in the bush?

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TIP 1: What you focus on Grows
Begin to focus on what you can do and have done, so you grow more of the good. If we only look at the negative, then before we know it, the negative is all we have. Yes, we do make mistakes. Yes the mistakes are there to teach us. However, when we let our mistakes abuse us or deplete us, then the lower consciousness of ego and negative self-talk and judgment wins. You were meant to manifest your highest good! Focus on what leads you forward and not what held you back.

TIP 2: Who you are is what you create.
As we claim a larger awareness of our higher self (Core Being), then we are able to manifest more of our life task. Take time now to remember the sense of self you resonated at (emotionally, sensation in body, concept in mind) that helped you accomplish your latest success.

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